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Precious Metal Fine Wire

California Fine Wire Co. is a custom manufacturer of precious metal, fine drawn wire including gold, silver, platinum and platinum Alloys. Gold, silver platinum, and platinum alloys are available in round, flat, stranded and coated forms. Gold, silver and platinum are available in 99.99% purities and other alloy combinations. Platinum, iridium, and platinum tungsten alloys are two of the most common used. Gold ribbon and round wire are used in semiconductor applications. Other applications include aerospace instruments, cochlear implants, catheters, pacemakers, and monitoring equipment. California Fine Wire precious metals are used through-out the Medical industry for many applications.

CFW offers Kanban programs tailored to your demand. Upon receipt of order, we will develop a Kanban program based on your demand within a specified time range to stock and deliver at specified intervals. Inventory control is easily monitored utilizing XA MRP system software.

Please contact California Fine Wire for your fine and ultra-fine wire needs.

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Precious Metal Wire Specifications

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Iridium Combination
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